Office for Research and Selection:has as its objective the realization of the meeeting between supply and demand of jobs in the commercial sector and in the field of sales force organization and promotion of studies, conferences and remeetings for better promotion and the introduction of the agent and sales representative on the market. Registered Office: provides legal assistance and advice in disputes with companies represented, and provides advice and guidance to members in accordance with relevant legislation. LIGA promotes research and studies on law of the world for a greater equality of treatment between staff WORLD. Tax Office: dealing with tax incentives and accounting category (writing credit, tax documents, tax returns) and is an important reference and authoritative as the other party, state tax authorities. Office Observation on agency mandates: in addition to providing assistance with regard to agency relationship, making an accurate reading on the state of relations with the companies represented in order to promote reforms in legislation and agreements.







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Colegios de Agentes Commerciales de Espana 
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